Monday, March 10, 2008


So, the main thing that spurred me on to do a blog was facebook.

I get the usefulness of it and like the 'almost' set up of holding a running commentary on your life but it became so blonde and empty! With all these people that I thought I had got rid of finding me, adding me and then, as a result being emailed every 5 minutes because Sharon or Tracy had changed there status from "pregnant for the 3rd time" to "mash-up at -some club-".

Hamzah Moin, Creator of 'Maniac Muslim' describes some of the other ridiculous points to facebook best on his site, which reading has become some what of a Monday morning pick-up for me. The above pic is taken from his article 'Annoying Stalker Brothers'.

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Anonymous said...

LOOOL! da pic is jokes hehe.. "love the blog and i shall b checking it wiv bated breath!" ;-p