Thursday, March 6, 2008

Loves young dream!

What is it with idiots in Y?

You get those couples who are so wrong for each other, that even they know it, you know it and everybody that knows them knows it.

Then, 1 day they announce that they're getting marrieds This puzzles you, although you are not surprised, because for the past 2,3,4 (or however many years) you've O nothing but incessant moaning, complaining and whining (as justified as it might be) about thier partner. You may have been out somewhere with them and felt the pang of embarrassment as they quibble over anything and everything and your probably the person who's the most stressed in this tri-lationship because you are the only one who can't do a thing about it.
And while they're engaged nothing changes and so you present them with the question.
"But I don't understand! why marry thems"
..and they say;
"Because.........I Y them"
Bang! like humpty dumpty your respect for them comes tumbling down!
Don't these people know that love boils down to nothing in marriage so that all your left with are two people that hate each other and constantly reminisce on the 'what could have beens' of the past.


Anonymous said...

love boils down to nothing in marriage?

i guess, maybe in tribal marriage ceremonies.. but muhammed loved khadija.. so much so that it made aisha jelous!

so dont tell the world love has nothing to do with marriage..

MARRIAGE has nothing to do with LOVE..i'd get that..

you can love someone without having to marry them... but ultimately - love plays a part in a marriage... and if u think otherwise then u should think twice. it might not be hollywood love, or mtv's version of what "love is"
buts its love..

Jessi said...

YES! lol i thionk that we've had this convo once before many moons ago.
I don't find love to be so multi-faceted as you do and I dont think that what your talking about is Love.
It's either the chemical in ballence that happens when you fall for someone or the highest possible level of respect that results in the admiration and gratitude of someone;
i.e 'I love that about them'