Thursday, April 17, 2008

(Oh'..) Lord of the Flies

He must have been on a stake out for the past few days, observing it's enemy (namely me) and the habits with which to use upon my destruction.

I could ignore him for the sake of an un-interrupted episode of 'desperate housewives' which only led to irritate him even more so.

teasing me he would linger around my head, screaming in my ear.


I flicked the switch to stun the sod HA HA

it faked an injury only to screw with my mind when it flipped out and starting darting around the room

I grabbed the deodorant and fired it in short blasts......

no joy!
I just couldn't get it within my line of fire.

twisting and turning around the room i emptied my ammo on everything but the blasted FLY!!

until i collapsed back on to my bed defeated.......




and off it flew nonchalantly out the door!

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