Monday, April 7, 2008

Pandora's box

So there has been something in my head jumping around trying to get to the front, trying to get my attention but I won't let it, So I push it to the back, because I cant seem to erase it permanently. And although I have managed to tuck it away in a far depths and crevasses of my brain i still know its there, and have this constant struggle of keeping it back.
I could just confront it but I can't figure my actions to what I do if I think about it and I'm scared about that, so I just keep it pushed far back as it buzzes to get free. The only thing is I think I might run out of space soon and then Pandora's box will be opened and who knows what will happen? If only I had a room 101!


justatshirt said...

see this is exactly why I don't read people's blogs. I have no idea what you are talking about, and its just too cryptic. I don't understand!!! ARG!

Anonymous said...

why not talk about what your feeling, or not be felt. it could be a distant memory neraby fantasy.

Jessi said...

Justashirt- my dear friend, this is not cryptic I just chose not to divulge the content of the 'thing' that's buzzing around as then it would mean me confronting what I am keeping ghost within my brain. And if I were to talk about anything with anyone it is usually you that I do that with, but I know you will get far too psychological said bouncy things.

Anonymous- Maybe I will talk about it, one day, I know I probably should, I just don't have time for what may be an aftermath from it right now.

-but like I was saying it's not necessarily about the 'thing' it's more about the irritating way I deal with these 'things'. And nearby fantasies never have much chance of staying that way because I am quite good at getting what I want!